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Parenting Talks in October: Raising Resilient Teens in Our Digital World with Dr. Kakaiya

Join Dr. Kakaiya as she facilitates interactive discussions on the digital divide, the impact of social media on the teen brain, attachment parenting, self-esteem and drug use, parenting skills and strategies, and how to raise a sustainable digital family! Open to all parents! Wednesday October 7th 6:00 pm: Challenger Middle School 10810 Parkdale Ave San […]


Support Domestic Violence Prevention by sharing a message of hope and using the hashtag, #voiceshavepower! Every message of hope that is shared and, subsequently, every $3 that is donated will help further proven and innovative dating and domestic violence programs focused on youth, technology, and prevention. Click here for more information.  

Neurofeedback Guidelines for Parents

Your decision to provide Neurofeedback for your child is a very important one, and reflects your dedication to your child’s well-being and your commitment to helping your child achieve the most that he or she is capable of achieving. Neurofeedback training requires a serious commitment of your time, effort and money, and, like you, we […]

Stress: The Silent Killer

The perils of modern life seem to be lurking in the hallways of our psyche through the pathways of stress. When one thinks of defining stress it is hard to pinpoint where it actually resides. Symptoms of stress are so global that they affect all areas of a person’s functioning from headaches to digestive issues, […]