Healthy Within Brain Health Institute is the state of the art brain health center that utilizes the latest research driven brain technologies to restore optimum functioning for the person. Neurofeedback is a non invasive treatment modality that is the cornerstone of our Brain Institute.

What is Neurofeedback?

The most significant piece in understanding Neurofeedback is to have the knowledge that the brain can repair itself, provided we “nudge” it in the right direction. Neurofeedback is a non-invasive brain based method of treatment that re-trains the brain to function and regulate itself in a more effective way. It teaches the brain to become more effective, adaptive, efficient and effective. Through the use of EEG brainwave recordings and audio, visual and tactile signals, the Neurofeedback system monitors the brain waves and re-trains it through auditory and visual stimulation. It is pain free and non-invasive. There are no electrical currents going through a person’s brain!

Neurofeedback has been around for almost 40 years and most medical schools and graduate schools of psychology do not have any courses on EEG biofeedback in the same way that most medical schools still do not have any courses on basic nutrition for doctors. Pharmacology has taken hold on our psyches and major drug companies spend billions of dollars in marketing their medications. Our brains are regulated via biochemistry and electrical activity. By teaching the brain to observe itself and providing some alternatives waves that can regulate it, the brain becomes an organ that knows how to heal itself! Our bodies can be miraculous when we give them the healing path to follow.

An analogy one can use is to think of Brain Training as a way that we are learning to ride a bicycle with a better balance. Many of us live life riding that bicycle in the sand and Neurofeedback guides us to take that bicycle onto the curb and ride it more efficiently and smoothly. Once we have learned how to ride a bicycle we never forget it. Once a brain becomes regulated via Neurofeedback and is functioning at its best happy self, it knows how to get there by itself.

One of the biggest hurdles a brain encounters is when as a result of trauma, depression or anxiety it gets stuck in survival mode. Some brains are under-aroused, others are over-aroused and many brains are highly sensitive and react to the smallest of triggers. Neurofeedback allows the brain to become unstuck, and start the self-healing process. It allows the various parts of the brain to communicate with each more effectively so that the whole brain becomes much more regulated. When the brain is regulated, calm and focused, then the body falls into its natural state of health.

Types of Neurofeedback we have at our Center:

                • 2 Channel InfraLow HD Training
                            • This is a system that we have from EEGInfo. The lower frequencies we go to bring about significant shifts in the arousal system. It is effective for all ranges of conditions and is based on the Othmer Method of EEG neurofeedback. This method enhances self-regulation by allowing the brain to view and correct its own activity, via covert signals in visual, auditory, and tactile feedback.
                            • In addition to low frequency training, Alpha-Theta neurofeedback and Synchrony training are also incorporated. These options allow for enhanced processing of unresolved emotional experiences through relaxation of cortical processes. Alpha-Theta is an eyes-closed experience with only soothing auditory and tactile feedback to present the changes in the Alpha and Theta EEG rhythms. Synchrony training is an eyes open experience that brings a state of calm focus similar to mindfulness practices. Both of these options reward synchronous EEG activity to allow for greater cortical relaxation.
                •  Direct Neurofeedback
                            • Direct Neurofeedback is a unique treatment that allows the brain to reorganize to get out of rigid patterns. This “stuck” pattern is common in those suffering from brain injury (TBI, concussion), anxiety, ADHD, and depression. In Direct Neurofeedback, clients generally notice changes either immediately or within the first few sessions.

                              Traditional Neurofeedback is noninvasive and involves placing sensors onto the scalp. These sensors measure electrical activity of the brain and generate an EEG (electroencephalogram) just like the electrical activity of the heart generates an EKG (electrocardiogram). In Direct Neurofeedback, a very weak, imperceptible signal is sent back to the brain. This signal causes a tiny fluctuation in brainwave patterns and allows the brain to get out of frozen, stuck patterns, similar to rebooting a frozen computer. This helps to “dis-entrain” the brain from unhealthy, inefficient neuronal pathways.

                              Direct Neurofeedback is essentially a positive feedback loop. The initial dominant electrical activity from the brain determines what signal is fed to the brain. This signal causes a change in the brain waves, which is then fed back to the sensor to alter the initial signal.

                              Despite such a weak signal being transmitted, Direct Neurofeedback can result in significant shifts in the brains’ wave patterns. These shifts often lead to greater relaxation, sense of ease, and emotional resilience. Direct Neurofeedback is not diagnosis specific, meaning it is not a treatment for any specific condition. It is a generalized process that optimizes brain function.

                              As greater self-regulation occurs, many symptoms that have their basis in central nervous system dysfunction begin to improve. It can manifest as greater mood stability and uplifting, reduced fatigue, improved sleep, reduced headaches, and improved concentration.

                              This unique neurofeedback technique may also benefit people who are already healthy and are interested in peak functioning and inner resilience to stress.