iStock_000010227751SmallEating disorders affect over 70 million people worldwide. More individuals die of eating disorders and substance abuse than any other psychiatric illness, making eating disorders the leading cause of death among young women (ANAD 2003). Dr. Kakaiya was awarded the 10 Leadership Award for her efforts in the treatment and prevention of eating disorders. Healthy Within is the only organization in this region exclusively dedicated to the prevention of eating disorders. Through the mission of Healthy Within, the staff conduct extensive outreach work in the community. Trained volunteers work with schools (middle school, high school and college), giving presentations which educate students on healthy living and empower them to resist the images in media which impact their body image.

Healthy Within, Inc. frequently hosts eating disorder awareness and prevention events throughout the year. To schedule an event in your community or school or to learn more about current events, please contact

For additional information and education on eating disorders:

  • Risk Factors
  • Pre-Signs of Eating Disorders
  • Statistics of Eating Disorders
  • Helpful Hints for Family & Friends
  • Self Assessment
  • How to Help A Friend
  • For Teachers
  • Athletes and Eating Disorders
  • Further Eating Disorder Resources
  • For Parents of Children with Eating Disorders
  • Children & Weight Regulation