Brain Fitness – Healthy Mind, Healthy Aging

As we look over the horizon of a sea of faces and people, certainly there are some “beings” that just seem to radiate contentment, joy, peace and satiety… We have all met women in their 50’s and beyond who are inspirational, seem to have boundless energy and highly infectious with their optimism.

A key factor that can help us age well as women is our attitude about aging.

For those of us who dread aging we are more likely to focus on the tiniest of wrinkles and sagging of skin or reduction of energy. The word menopause is seen as such a horrible word and just as preteens seems to dread start of the menstrual cycle, women in their 40’s seems to dread the beginnings of perimenopause. Keep in mind that the word actually symbolizes the pause that is naturally built in to our psyches to transition from child bearing to child caring to now caring for self.

[quote]I am young, curious and infinitely inquisitive.[/quote]Successful aging embodies a mental health attitude that says that “I am young, curious and infinitely inquisitive.”

Skepticism, negativity and cynicism will be your enemies as you age.

When one is able to look at wrinkles and the obvious slowing down as a time for creativity and generativity, then you are going to have an amazingly positive transition in this new chapter in your life! The rephrasing of the joy of aging will not be available in any popular media since the job of the mass media will be to have you feel insecure about your aging process so that you can continue to consume anti-wrinkle creams, plastic surgery and botox.

Tips on keeping up your mental health as you age:

  • Daily dose of gratitude for the abundance you have
  • Meditate (even if it is for 5 minutes everyday)
  • Keep a positive, humor filled attitude especially when obstacles come your way
  • Share your deepest fears with your support circle of safe people. You will not feel alone and isolated
  • Take emotional risks
  • Discover new hobbies and get involved in them with gusto
  • Don’t be afraid to look stupid and embrace not knowing!
  • Do tons of brain exercises such as crosswords, suduko, brain games on the internet
  •  Other things one can do to improve cognition is to take classes at a local college, learn a new language, learn to play a musical instrument, play cards, chess
  • Take up Yoga
  • Take art classes, dancing lessons, learn to juggle
  • Neurofeedback helps regulate the brain to a happy place
  • Exercise regularly, it builds the hippocampus which is the brain center for memory
  • Cultivate excitement and newness by trying new activities

The best way you will be able to maintain great mental health as you age is to cultivate a balance of nurturing your body, mind and soul with a daily dose of positive, optimistic thoughts, spirituality, loads of healthy, fresh, non packaged foods, fun vigorous exercise that makes you happy, new activities that grow neurons in your brain, tons of brain exercises to feed the mind and most importantly, a HUGE dose of daily gratitude. This is what the doctor prescribes!!!