ATT00003-200x300Have you crossed the line between health dieting and dangerous obsession?

  1. Do you spend more than three hours a day thinking about healthy food and planning or shopping for your meals?
  2. Do you often dwell on tomorrow’s menu today?
  3. Do you care more about the virtue of what you eat than the pleasure you receive from eating?
  4. Has the quality of life decreased as the quality of your diet has increased?
  5. Do you keep getting stricter with yourself?
  6. Do you sacrifice experiences you once enjoyed to eat the food you believe is right?
  7. Do you feel an increased sense of self-esteem when you eat healthy food? Do you look down on others who don’t?
  8. Do you feel guilt of self-loathing when you stray from your diet?
  9. Does your diet isolate you socially?
  10. When you eat the way you are supposed to, do you feel a peaceful sense of control?

Source: Excerpt from Clayton, Victoria. “The Dieter’s Quiz.” Health Magazine. June 2001 (113).