Tips – Self Harm and Contagion Factor of Social Media

Tips – Self Harm and Contagion Factor of Social Media

Tips for parents

  • Please do not regard the self-harm as a phase that the person is going through.
  • They have developed some very severe symptoms that are going to be very addictive.
  • Intervention needed in the form of strict parameters.
  • Do a total digital detox like how you would you a drug detox
  • Take away their cell phone completely at least for 2 years to have the brain completely change
  • Create public areas where they can go on the internet in the home
  • Realize that Dopamine is secreted with cutting. Dopamine is the molecule of addiction.
  • Completely remove them from the offending environment i.e. friends who are contaminating them or the school environment
  • Would you not remove your child from their drug using peers? Same thing with cutting. Remove them from those friends
  • Know all the passwords to all their accounts
  • Do not leave computers unattended during your detox phase. If an alcoholic is trying to get sober, would you send them to the bar?
  • Understand that your child is struggling with some deep emotional issues that they really need help with. Get them professional competent help with a seasoned Psychotherapist who will include you into the team
  • Any therapist treating the teen should be very inclusive of the parent and not leave the parent out in the dark.

Tips for School, Counselors and Teachers

  • Get to the source of the self-harm behavior.
  • If coming from social contagion remove the Queen Bee and the Kingpin of the group from school
  • Take a tough stance about ZERO tolerance for glorifying cutting behavior.
  • Act with the same disciplinary manner with the cutting behavior as you would with pot usage or alcohol usage
  • Create a protective environment for those who got infected by inoculating them with Girls and Boys Leadership programs, that move their energy into positive ways of belongingness and being popular.


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