Dr. Divya Kakaiya has been a guest presenter for several of my workshops on adolescent well-being. She is always a favorite as she is entertaining to listen to, very down-to-earth and has the ability to offer not only valuable research based information, but along with that, practical suggestions based on her tremendous depth of knowledge on a broad range of mental health related topics. Recently, she presented at the annual SDCOE “Day of Adolescent” on the topic of the “Impact of Social Media on Teens.” A workshop highlights comment from one the attendees summed it up well  – “The Healthy Within presentation – Divya offered us things we can do for our students not just need to know.” As a nurse and grandmother of a pre-teen I could not agree more- the information presented is valuable/frightening/and essential.

Jeanne Salvadori, RN,BSN, M.Ed.School Nursing Services Program Specialist, San Diego County Office of Education

Divya Kakaiya, Ph.D., is an amazingly generous supporter of Poway Unified! We are so grateful for her time and incredible level of expertise. Every single time she speaks I learn something new! I have heard Divya speak many times on topics such as social media, self-injury and neurofeedback but it is her tireless dedication to helping others that inspires hope in all of the lives she touches. Whether it is your first time hearing her speak or you have heard her speak time and time again you feel as if you can ask her anything. She has such a warmth about her and is incredibly genuine, funny and positive. I cannot imagine Divya ever using the word “can’t”. It just doesn’t exist for her. When she sees an issue needing support in her community she simply steps up. She has spoken with parents, counselors, psychologists, school nurses and Student Services Specialists. Divya Kakaiya is girl power in action!

Beth HuppertCaring Connections Center Counselor, Poway Unified School District

I have had the pleasure of having Dr. Kakaiya speak at several of our educational and professional development workshops.  She is an expert in connecting with youth and is able to provide powerful, interactive, and engaging training to school staff, mental health professionals, and community members.  Participants consistently provide Dr. Kakaiya positive feedback and appreciate her honest delivery of topics such as body image, the teenage brain, and much more.  I have known Dr. Kakaiya for several years and always appreciate her professionalism, knowledge, and more importantly her passion for helping and caring for young people.

Gabriela Baeza DelgadoSan Diego County Office of Education Project Specialist

Divya Kakaiya Ph.D has been a proactive leader in providing treatment and bringing information about eating disorders to San Diego. An emeritus editor of Eating Disorders: The Journal of Treatment and Prevention, she was instrumental in its early growth as a respected, international, peer-review publication.

Leigh Cohn, MAT, CEDSEditor-in-Chief

Divya Kakaiya and her staff are among the most dedicated, insightful, and loving therapists that I have met in my 35 years serving the eating disorders field.

Lindsey Hall Cohn CEDSCo-author of Bulimia: A Guide to Recovery

Dr. Divya Kakaiya has been on the forefront of eating disorder treatment for many years, bringing an open heart, cross-cultural understanding, and cutting edge techniques to her treatment of eating disorders. I am proud to have her as a friend and colleague.

Anita Johnston, Ph.D.Author, Eating in the Light of the MoonDirector, ’Ai Pono Eating Disorder Programs, Honolulu & MauiClinical Advisor, Focus Treatment CentersConsultant, EATFED Australia

I have worked with Divya Kakaiya for over ten years in treating many challenging patients, primarily with eating disorders and mood disorders. I have the utmost respect for her professionalism, knowledge, clinical experience, and dedication to how she practices and continues to grow as a clinician.

One of the very special things I note about Dr. Kakaiya is her ability to form long lasting, trusting therapeutic relationships with her patients and their families. She has been crucial in helping so many young teenagers and women develop a healthier sense of self and body image through Healthy Within. Many of her patients that she has treated as adolescents return to Dr. Kakaiya in later years because they feel she has been such an important part of their psychological and physical development and that she truly understands and cares about their well being.

Another important quality I admire about Dr. Kakaiya is her endless energy and commitment to educating the community. She has reached out to schools, given numerous lectures around the country, and continues to train other professionals how to effectively treat patients and their families in multiple treatment modalities. She is an inspiration and role model to me, and others who work with her to give back to the community.
I feel fortunate to have Dr. Kakaiya as a colleague. I fully trust her judgment, clinical expertise, and ethics in her treatment of patients.

Patricia Lin, M.D.Child, Adolescent, and Adult Psychiatry

As a practicing pediatrician who works with children and teens with many different eating problems, I have professionally referred to Healthy Within and Dr. Kakaiya.  Dr. Kakaiya and her team have worked with some of my most challenging cases and they have successfully met the challenges in bringing the patient and their families to a place where they can heal their internal issues around eating and body image.

The Healthy Within team has also come to our office at El Camino Pediatrics to offer the 4 week “Full of Ourselves” program to preteen girls and the feedback from the families has been incredible.  I had one parent who let me know it was life-changing for her daughter.  The Neurofeedback they offer, which I have done myself, has also been an additional piece of therapy that has been very helpful.  Dr. Kakaiya is a wonderful community role model, giving back in many ways to our community through her Healthy Within Foundation.  I have the utmost confidence in the Healthy Within team and Dr. Kakaiya with my patients.

Christine Wood, MDCo-Chair SD County Childhood Obesity Initiative (COI), Co-Medical Liaison SD Chapter of IAEDP

I met Dr. Kakaiya in 1996 after she had started Healthy Within, an Intensive Out Patient program for eating disorders in San Diego, CA. From the first moment we met she exuded a warm, confident passion for her clientele. Her knowledge of eating disorder treatment and intuitive sense for helping clients move forward are exceptional. Her experience with individual, group and family therapy is superb. She is also a captivating public speaker. When I come across families from the San Diego region who are in need of a humorously, compassionate clinician who will provide concise direction, Dr. Kakaiya gets the referral. In business, Dr. Kakaiya has been a person of integrity, always choosing to do the best for clients and her staff. Throughout the years Dr. Kakaiya has remained faithful to her gifting as a clinician and advocate for eating disorder prevention. I am pleased to state that Dr. Kakaiya is more than a valued colleague, she is a dear friend.

Buck Runyan, MS, LMFT, LPC, CEDS Supervisor, Fellow, IAEDPIAEDP President of the Board of Directors 2013-2014

Dr. Divya Kakaiya is among the best psychotherapists in SD County, and one of the few to whom I refer my patients.

She and the Healthy Within treatment team are not only professional, astute, and intuitive clinicians, but also communicative and compassionate. Also, I was not a believer in Neurofeedback until my patients, some of whom were treatment resistant or suffered too many med side effects, returned from Neurofeedback under Dr Kakaiya’s direction, and have been remarkably improved.

Jane Tanaka MDPsychiatrist

It has been my pleasure to know and admire Dr. Divya Kakaiya for many years.  She was one of the first clinicians to recognize the limitations and dangers of a weight-focused approach, and offer alternatives that focus on health and day-to-day well-being at any size.  She is one of those rare people who understands both the micro and macro levels, from the brain neurons to the social justice issues that affect us all.


Deb Burgard, PhD, FAEDClinical Psychologist, Eating Disorders Specialist, Co-Founder of Health at Every Size, model

Divya Kakaiya and the Healthy Within staff are a positive force for personal evolution. Over the years we have worked with them they continue to demonstrate passionate commitment to their clients.  They are excellent collaborators, and are generous about sharing their wisdom and knowledge with other healthcare professionals, which in turn supports and elevates the quality of care within the entire mental health community.

The Healthy Within team is very conscientious about staying up-to-date on advances in mental health and utilizing all of our services.  I’m confident that clients will receive cutting edge care at Healthy Within.

I’m honored and grateful to be a sail on their ship.

Bill ScottCEO BrainPaint, Inc.